All Jersey Leadboards broken on Richmond [September 2021] [SOLVED]

Hi @shooj, we just did a PACK group ride on Libby Hill After Party and all leader boards only showed ourselves with no other riders. Everyone had the green jersey then took the climb jersey as well. When the event finished we all got the sprint/kom jersey as well so the bug was not only inside the event.

Thanks for flagging it up. We’re looking into it.

It was this event, yes?

yes and the issue carried on after the event finished. Everyone could see themselves in the jerseys. The KOM was outside the event.

Thanks for flagging it up. We think we know the root cause (specific to Richmond) and have already fixed it.

Is this a regularly scheduled event in Richmond? If so - would you loop back after the next occasion to verify it’s fixed / not?

Its in the map rotation across all our rides. I’ll post back but I’m sure plenty of others will use it before us :slight_smile: