New jerseys for distances covered

I would love too see special distance jerseys introduced for riders. a 25000 mile jersey, 50000 mile jersey and so forth. 25000 mile mile stone jerseys . Very difficult to obtain which would make them highly desirable. For climbers you could introduce a similar jersey. I have seen a few riders with 3 miilion feet plus climbed and figure more people may do more climbing to acheive these jerseys.
There are a large number of riders chasing down high miles and i think a jersey showing this would be great, In the motorcycle world , and car world real life high mileage riders / drivers get real rewards for such acheivemnets. Theres an ironbutt challenge in the motorcycle world for people who can do / ride 100,000 mile in 1 year or under so why not have a system for Zwift. Tim Bacon Seale is about to break 100,000 miles. What an acheivement, worth a special jersey I feel. would love to know if this could be possible. Im way off any off these distances but would love to have these as a goal for me to ride towards… Any thoughts Zwift.

But we already have level jerseys.
If you want to get the level 50 jersey, you have to get 500,000XP, and XP are mainly generated by distance. You need 25,000km for level 50 (or 16,666mi)
For Tim Searle, Sharron Yaxley, GPlama and all the others who really ride a lot we just need more levels.