Request for new Badges

I just saw a guy on reddit, that made literally all cycling badges in just one winter of zwift riding. This is very impressiv but at the same time it made me think: Why is there not many more badges that can be achieved?

But i didn’t open this thread to say just this, i did it to bring up some of my ideas and leave a space for others to give ideas for new Badges.

Badge-Ideas for Regular Badges:
•4 Hour Ride (total breaks max. 30min)
•6 Hour Ride (total breaks max. 1h)
•8 Hour Ride (total breaks max. 1h 30min)
•200km in one Ride
•Climb 1000m in one Ride
•Climb 2000m in one Ride
•Climb 3000m in one Ride
•Ride 250km in one Week
•Ride 1000km in one Month
•Ride Everyday for 1 Month
•Ride AdZ on MTB
•Ride AdZ on FatBike (Virtual 30kg FatBike that can just be used in Zwift for 24h on the 1st of every month)
•Ride 5x Jungle Circuit in one Ride
•Ride 10x Jungle Circuit in one Ride
•Ride a total of 1000km on Zwift
•Ride a total of 5000km on Zwift
•Ride a total of 10’000km on Zwift
•Get 5 Bikes in your Garage
•Get 10 Bikes in your Garage
•Get 20 different Jerseys
•Get 50 different Jerseys

Badge-Ideas for Hidden Badges:
•12 Hour Ride (total breaks max. 2h)
•24 Hour Ride (total breaks max. 4h)
•Climb 100’000m
•Climb to the Moon 384’000m
•200 Miles in one Ride
•Ride 500km in a Week
•Ride Volcano Circuit in under 5min
•Get 100 Jerseys
•Ride Around the World 40’000km total

I have many more Ideas if you intressted! :slight_smile:

Have a great week.

This is a SWEET idea… While I’m not near complete with the current badges, having more definitely gives riders/runners something to strive for!

Ride On!

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Loving Climb to the moon!

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I would really like leader jersey achievements for the KOMs, sprints, etc. Once you win one, you get the achievement (direction doesn’t matter). Don’t know how that would work with leaders in events and the world hack but thought it would be a nice idea.

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Some really long cumulative achievement might be nice too:
Receive 1,000,000 Ride Ons
Give 1,000,000 Ride Ons
Ride every day for a year
Circumnavigate the world (29,000km)

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Yes I like the idea with the ride ons! Even the Drops or the burnt Pizza-slices could accumulate a badge, like 1’000’000 Drops. Giving 1’000’000 Ride Ons should give you free membership for a month on zwift not only a badge :slight_smile:

An easy one for them to achieve would be to give you a numerical score for each time you’d completed a badge. It would work brilliantly, especially on things like 100km and 100m which you don’t do very often.


Love the idea!! The Badge could change from bronze to silver then gold the more times you achieved the badge.

Yep and would give some serious life to existing challenges.

1x Completed Badge
3x Bronze
5x Silver
10x gold
25x Platinum

To get a platinum badge for the M asochist badge would require 625 ascents fo Alpe du Zwift.

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