Innsbruck Badges

(Kevin Medina Ruiz) #1

Were there any badges added with the release of the new course?

If not, I would say that I really enjoy the badges and have given me a reason to perform specific rides in the past. The gamer side of me would really like to see these added in future releases.

(Vincent W.) #2

Thanks for the feedback! Any ideas for what kind of badges you’d want to see? 

(Kevin Medina Ruiz) #3



The ideas that come to mine are things that have been done before. Like do the climb in under x mins, or x times. Also, could be something to do the flat loop in both directions  in the same ride, or perform x num of laps. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy but if they are things that don’t necessarily get done on a normal joy ride they provide some incentive to perform a specific task in the ride.

(Zee Kryder) #4

Maybe 3 laps and 7 laps of UCI course since those are part of the World’s Race. Please not something as exhausting as the 25 Alps I had to do (insane)