'Lock-Down' Jersey!

During a ride the other day and started chatting with randoms about getting a ‘lock-down’ jersey! Lots of us keeping sane on Zwift, might be a good way to help keep people going.

Ride each day for the month, to get that months lock down shirt?

I had the same request/suggestion on my ride today as well. Creating a lock-down jersey-and welcome to the boards Gordon!

Like the idea but maybe have rest days, so ride 25 times in 30 days.


How about a quarantine jersey? Maybe use the L signal flag (two yellow and two black squares) as a starting point for the design?

Cool idea, but I doubt Zwift will do anything. They rarely do anything people put forth in the Feedback area. Unfortunate too, because there are some great ones in here. They just don’t care.

Being positive, you have to add in time for rest days though. Taking a day off or two per week is when you get stronger. Not when you’re riding. (Wish more people understood that.) Heh, I met a guy who rides 7 days a week in Zwift, like it’s a religion, and he’s pretty much gone nowhere with his fitness level. Gee, wonder why lol; gotta recover! Try to tell him, but…

This is also why the “Unemployed” Badge will never grace my screen. While I usually ride between 220 to 320 miles (not km) a week, there’s no way I’m riding 14 days straight without a rest day, or four! It’s just silly and seems like the thing a game programmer would do verses a serious rider who knows his stuff.

In sailing, the “Q flag” is flown when you make port in a new country or destination and is yellow. That would be a good starting point for a design, or prison strips. Pretty much sums up how I feel about civil rights being destroyed, but either idea works.


Fair points and totally get the rest days, was just kind of spitballing and idea out but agree you would want to build in good habits. So maybe x days of a month or something. Was thinking that it would be rewarding persistence over kms maybe.

I totally agree, a very unresponsive company, but still i come back. If there was an decent alternative I liked, I would leave but the community is just so good.

Hi Chris,
you make some very good points.
“Ride On”

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