In Game Kit for completing for Route Badges

I have a suggestion. How about a special in game kit for completing all the route badges?

I like it.

But what happens when we add more routes? :grin: :wink:

He wants jersey for each route :stuck_out_tongue:

Easy answer.

Anyone who wants to earn the proposed (route completion) jersey has to complete the new routes as well and people who already have it, keep it.

There is a precedent for this situation in other MMORPG’s like World of Warcraft. Well, it’s a “title” in their game, not a jersey obviously, “[NAME]…the Explorer” if memory serves. I’m simplifying the situation, but you have to visit every area of the entire game world to earn the right to wear it. A task which can take some time because I did just this years ago when I still played it.

Easy one!

You get the “Routemaster” jersey for completing your first badge. Then the number on the back increases with each badge you earn.

Similar to my idea regarding prestige jersey effects:


Or the jersey could be full colour when you’ve completed all the routes, but greyscale when you haven’t. When new routes are added, everyone’s jersey goes grey until they’ve completed the new badge(s).


Good idea Darren,
but can we have small No.s on the arms. I really don’t like the big “look at me” Numbers on the back.
Unless someone wants to give me a LA Raiders Jersey with my name on also. :smiley:

Yeah it’s just an illustration of the concept. I expect an actual graphic designer to come up with the real thing. :wink:

I’m not averse to wearing big numbers though:



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We could have the Jersey removed from our garage as new routes are added.
That way we would know there was more to do to regain it.

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I think all Zwift Jersey’s should have a spot for a number.

These numbers can be used in events for teams or for individual identification.

In free ride it can show your Level or your badge numbers



Maybe not removed, but it could have a “No selection available” red line through it.