Special Jerseys for regulary getting KOMs/Sprint etc

Hi all,

I thought it would be a great idea if there was a special jersey for regularly getting a sprint or KOM jersey.
I try to get a KOM jersey when I hop onto Zwift, whether it’s the Epic KOM/Alpe Du Zwift etc.

Wouldn’t it be great of there could be a special jersey unlock if you get say, 100 KOMs on a climb (different sessions). It would be something like achieving the equivalent of a Tron Bike. You could proudly ride with a 100KOM Alpe Du Zwift Jersey…

Just a thought


Too easy to game. Just ride when no one else is. Use the world hack to pick an empty world.

That aside, it’s probably too elitist when done legitimately as only a relative handful of people can ever take KOMs.

And what is wrong with being ‘elitist’?

You seem to contradict yourself. Firstly you say ‘Too easy to game’, then you claim ‘only a handful of people take the KOM’… which is it?

Once the Tron Bike was considered ‘elitist’. If one wishes to ride when on one else is riding… so be it.

If you notice, I said “when done legitimately” on the second comment. i.e. on a fully populated world.

As for being elitist, if you want to go around boasting how much better you are than other people, that’s up to you. I’m not interested in the supporting the idea.

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Banana time? :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana:

Sorry @Daren but this just came into my mind while reading…Just to show how paradox it can be over time:

I guess equal cause you both want to show someone who has the biggest shlong and yes we need more jersey who show other zwifters who is the real zwifter in zwift world! everyone has a tron bike and everyone wants a tron bike all other bikes bath in the shadow of the tron bike the tron bike is the king of bikes it looks different if you reach certain amount of KOMs you are special too and should look special! as well as reaching everesting status. everyone shall see the shlongisation!

Zwift levels are shlongisation, Zwift achievements are shlongisation, Zwift Gran Fondos are shlongisation. Zwift Drops are shlongisation. When you think about it most of what we do to better ourselves is shlongisation…

So a KOM achievement jersey is just one more shlongisation…

Bring it on!


I’ll sell you mine, never been used.

I understand what you’re getting at @cid, but to my mind they’re different things.

One is something almost anyone can do given enough time. Riding 100 miles is possible whether you do it at 300W or 100W. The latter just takes longer.

Taking sprints and KOMs is only open to a very small number of people across the Zwift user base. Someone who can ride at 100W can ride 100 miles or complete Alpe du Zwift, but they’ll never take a sprint or the KOM.

So one is saying “hey, I did this really challenging thing (even though it took me ages)”, and the other is “hey, I’m so much stronger than you.”


of course the way is different but in the end everyone want to show others how good he or she is.

that’s true for zwift world. in real life the zwifter is saying look at me i’m fit to the couch potato. ahh who cares :wink:

I would just love to see more Jerseys… I’d even pay for them if they were good enough.

I agree though, it would be neat to be able to keep certain KOMs or other achievement based Jerseys if the achievement hit a certain threshold… get to wear it for a week, or get 5 KOMs on a particular route and earn the rite to wear the jersey for a year (Like the UCI "Rainbow).

While we are on Jerseys, the Titans Grove Jersey design is sweet!

Yeah but only in “Drops” :smiley: