Can we keep it? All white Tron wheels and kit!

It’s a known bug, but can we keep it? Yesterday I was lucky enough to get the all white Tron Wheels and kit Zwift bug! Can we have a challenge where you can earn this “into the void” kit and Tron wheel color?

Looks cool, I wish I could do that… And I am out of challenges to do.:smirk:Star shaped white sunglasses would look cool with it too

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Also missed opportunity to put on white shoes too! Clockwork Orange also came to mind!

How did you get the shoes your wearing, they go well with it

Thank you! I got my adidas from the Global Cycling Series Adidas did back in December. Hopefully they will do another one.

Looks great, would be good if they released something like this (a ‘Ghost Tron’ bike) for doing more climbing, or a different challenge. Maybe a matching Tron helmet/cap/shades/shoes for another tier of the challenge, too…

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It’s definitely a hit with my friends, everyone wanted to know how I got it. And…sadly you just made me realize why they probably wouldn’t/shouldn’t do it. I really should have remembered this. :woman_facepalming: A “ghost bike” here in NYC (painted all white) marks where a cyclist has died. Very grim to think about. Makes my heart sink when I pass them on the street. Is that terminology symbolic outside of NYC? Might just be NY.

Probably should mark this as solved. That was a short lived idea :pensive:

Ah didn’t know about that. They could call it something different and make it more translucent so it’s not a painted white maybe?

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“Ghost” bikes are well known here in Austin, TX…unfortunately…