Red Tron now!

Perhaps the most ímportant yet overlooked cosmetic feature would be to add red to the color slider for the Tron. Red is part of the rainbow colors, no? Still, you can’t get a nicely saturated warm red!

Everybody wants a Dark Side Tron every now and then, don’t they? I do. And you do too, admit it!

Ducati red please!


I’d rather have more beard styles, or a length selector for leg hair.


the same red, as the Pace Partners red Tron bikes?

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Let me remind everyone that turning frames red might break Zwift :man_facepalming:


Do you think he cares?

I’ll risk it!


He’s certainly scarier than these two…

They were pretty scary too though. At least when you were eleven or something. And obviously we need a red bike. Just look!

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The problematic red color is, rumor has it, the only reason Watopia’s skies aren’t full of Recognizers.