Tron Bike Colour sync to effort

Requesting a feature I think would be pretty cool. For those who have unlocked the Tron, it would be awesome if you could have the bike colour change with whatever Heart rate zone or Power zone one is in.

Ideally this would be customizable, and would add a cool feature to the Tron.

It already has the cool feature that the wheels glow brighter as you put out more power. I prefer the subtlety of the current effects.

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No reason they can’t do both, just add a toggle

In that case, why limit this feature to the Concept Z1? Any paintable frame could change colors dynamically, based on power zone or heart rate zone.

There could be a menu setting like:

Paint color:

  • Static
  • Dynamic (power)
  • Dynamic (heart rate)

Simple, tron is the only bike that has discernible colour from all camera angles due to the glowing wheels, and it also fits the theme of the bike. Part of the reason I want this feature is so I can sync the rgb components on the pc i am building to hr and/or power zones as well, and then the bike, machine, and effort are synced.

Great idea, but I assume you guys missed the whole ‘why isn’t that bike red?’ debacle. :rofl:

You assume correctly for me.

Get a feel for the thread then jump to post 55.

Those were the days!

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