Bike frames that can/can't change color

Hi all. Does anyone know of a list of which frames do or don’t come with a working spray can? I’ve been able to find scattered old collections of short lists, but nothing recent or definitive.

I have quite a lot of bikes in my garage, I’ll look now:

Anchor RS9 - NO
Cadex Tri: NO
Cannondale EVO - YES
Cannondale System Six - NO
Canyon Aeroad 2021 - YES
Canyon Speedmax CF SLX DISC - NO
Canyon old Speedmax - NO
Canyon Ultimate CFR - NO
Canyon Grail - YES
Canyon Inflite - YES
Canyon Lux - Not properly (only the shocks)
Canyon Ultimate CF SLX rim brake - NOT PROPERLY (only shifters)
Cervelo Aspero: YES
Cervelo S5 2020: NO
Cervelo S5 (old): NO
Cervelo P5: YES
Cervelo P5X: YES
Chapter 2 TOA; YES
Colnago V3RS: YES
Cube Aerium: YES
Factor One: NO
Felt IA 2.0: Not properly (has slider but no changes)
Focus Izalco Max: YES
Giant TCR BikeExchange Jayco: NO - only two colour schemes
Pinarello Dogma F: NO
Pinarello F8: NO
Scott Addict RC: NO - only two colour schemes
Scott Foil 2023: NO
Specialized Epic S-Works: YES (only logos)
Specialized Shiv Disc: Not properly
Specialized Aethos S-Works: NO
Specialized Tarmac: NO
Specialized Tarmac SL7: YES
Specialized Venge S-Works: NO
Trek Emonda: NO
Trek Madone: YES (Segafredo by Zanetti coffee colour scheme)
Trek Speed Concept SLR 9: Yes (but not properly)
Uranium Nuclear: NO
Buffalo Fahrrad: Not properly (only logo on front)
Zwift Carbon: YES (stripes only)
Zwift Concept Z1: YES
Zwift Handcycle: YES
Zwift MTB: YES
Zwift TT: YES (stripes only)

Feel free to expand the list.


Whoa. Thank you so much for that, super helpful :smiley:

I owe you a beer. Or the next time I see you on the road, I’ll mash the Ride On button a few dozen times. :slight_smile: