Frame color change issues - no differences in colors

(Adam) #1

is there any known issue with the bike frame color change?
I’ve just noticed that there is no difference at all when I’m trying to change the bike frame color.
As an example, made a purchase of “Specialized ALLEZ SPRINT” frame, on the picture the frame is yellow. But in reality when trying to change the color it is always stays the same and there is no way to make it yellow as in the picture.
Is it something known?
Thank you!

(Lin) #2

It’s not only you, nor is it only that particular bike/frame.

If it is not supposed to be changeable, then the little spray paint can and slider should not be there. If it is supposed to be changeable, then it is not working. Either way, something needs to be fixed.

(Adam) #3

Ok. Got you.
So it is a know issue and probably will be fixed on some of the future updates.

(Ricky) #4

Yup, same situation (same bike in fact). Also the Tarmac Pro, the spray can sort of works in that it changes a patch of paint on the forks through different shades of red. The rest of the bike might change through shades of black/grey if you really look for it but maybe thats just wishful thinking :joy: