Can I choose a bike color for Canyon Ultimate?

I just made it to level 10 and am anxious to upgrade from the basic Zwift Carbon frame. The Canyon Ultimate is within my budget but the bike is showing in gray color in the store. Does anyone know if I can select the Canyon red or Canyon blue after I spend my drops?


– Mike

It’s just gray,

A bit of a bummer as my real canyon is that great red but that’s not available on zwift

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There is a spray can, but it doesn’t work… But Ive seen in a topic that they would fix that so u could choose a color in the future.

That’s what I was afraid of. I’ve seen the spray can on some other frames but it seems to just provide some slight highlights and not the complete bike color.

I may have to bag the Canyon and go looking for another red frame!

The slider actually changes a very very small logo on my 808 wheels when I use my ultimate. It’s almost impossible to tell, but it does do something

Owner of a RED Canyon Ultimate IRL. Would love to have a colored one in Zwift as well. Any updates on this?


It’s a bit confusing. If the frame color can’t be changed, there shouldn’t be a spray can button, now it just looks like a bug when there is some very small part being colored. From a technical viewpoint, one wouldn’t think it would be hard to make all frames fully paintable since they have a color, the rendering engine should be able to do it in any color

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Unfortunately the colour of the canyon ultimate connot be changed until now. Its dark gray/black and Canyon cannot be read as well.
Changing the colour using the spray gun, just changes the colour of the breake lever.
Are there any updates planned?