Frame Change Colors [SOLVED]

I know this was a problem with a patch in March. But I still am unable to change colors on a lot of bikes I already have (and used to be able to change color) nor change colors on the bikes in the Drop Shop. What is odd is if I move the slider on some of the Zwift bikes, it will change the colors on ones without sliders available, but not all of them.

My question is, is this is still a bug out there that intended to be repaired? Or am I the only one experiencing this still. I believe I am up to date on patches and haven’t found any information regarding a fix out there before posting.

I have lost a lot of interest in customizing with new bikes if I cannot change from a (usually black or grey) default color.

On what bikes?
You can’t change color on Trek Emonda and Specialized Allez Sprint.
Maybe a few others, but these two I know.

I recently bought the Cervelo S5, and there is the spray can symbol in the garage but it doesn’t do anything.

Hi @Slackminer
Welcome to Zwift forums. Which frame are you trying to paint with the spray can?

Not all frames are “paintable” as you know. Are you able to change the color on other frames, or is this a problem on the Cervelo S5 only?

@Nigel_Tufnel I’m tagging you in this thread so we can discuss this issue in one place. Are there frames where the spray can works for you? Can you try on the Zwift frame, because that one chagnes colors for me.

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Hey, Shuji! I have not checked lately, as I’ve been using the Felt AR, which (sadly) only comes in white. I have been able to change the color on other frames previously, though (Trek Madone, Scott Foil, Zwift Carbon, Cervelo P5, and some others). I think the only ones where I have noted ‘issues’ are the Trek Emonda and the Specialized S-Works Shiv, which show a spray can but don’t actually seem to change colors.

The Trek Emonda does not have a spray can.

O you are going to like this one. Cervelo S5. It does change color. but only a very small line.

Now it is green.

I also have the Big green block I think it was a challenge we done to get that. If I click on that the whole bike turns green.

The Parlee ESX does the same as the S5.

Gerrie: You are correct about the Emonda. Perhaps it used to have a spray can? I remember thinking it odd when I first got it that it had one, but the color didn’t change. As for the S5, while I still am not noticing anything changing on the frame, I am noticing the colors on the wheel stickers on my Zipp 858s changing when I move the slider. (This happens on other frames, also.) I was also incorrect about the Shiv Disk: the colors do change, but the selection is just much more muted, sort of metallic, options.

It’s a display bug in the garage. The slider is displayed by default the first time so even if the currently equipped bike doesn’t support color changing the slider shows up. But obviously it doesn’t do anything.

If the garage is already open then swapping to another bike then the slider will show or hide depending on the bike. But it always shows when opening the garage the very first time, not matter the bike.

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Hahahaha, okay.
Maybe it’s that with my S5. I didn’t notice the small line :rofl:

I can paint my Cannondale EVO and Cervelo P5 just fine.

Didn’t have a problem with Specialized Allez, Zwift Aero, Zwift Steel… but that was last Winter.
But if Gerrie is right, maybe I don’t have a problem at all :smiley:


Some specific examples of no slider or color change is the Specialized Allez Sprint and the Specialized Tarmac. The Tarmac I used to be able to change the color because I always had it a bright green in the past. Now it is default red and yellow highlights. The only Specialized brand bike I can change color seems to be the Allez (not sprint) with a slider.

I am able to change the color of some bikes that do not have the slider option available however. For example the Trek Madone and the Canyon Inflite. Even though these two do not have the slider option available. I can do this by going to a bike with a slider option (say, the Zwift Aero) , and then using its slider to change the color of that bike. Then going to back to either example above (Trek or Canyon), and it will have a totally new color. This is what led me to believe that this may be a bug?

Unfortunately this slider trick does not work in the bikes I listed at the beginning (Sprint or Tarmac) but I have found more bikes at random that do change color with this trick.

I’m disappointed with the Emonda color. I ride up Everest and receive a grey turd for my efforts? I test rode a 2020 Emonda this summer, and it was a fast bike with a lovely emerald green paint job that turned purple as you rode by.

As they say though, there is more than one way to skin a cat. If I can find and decode the texture files within the program files, I’ll have my Emerald Emonda.

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Thanks for reporting this specific issue. It’s on our to-do list.

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Can you maybe get with the bike MFGs and implement the actual colors they use? I am sure that Trek, like me, would be disappointed in the charcoal Emonda

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Yeah the Cervelo S5 does not show the spray can anymore at all … what the heck … black is cool suppose i could have been stuck with HOT PINK … but come now … I’d like to pick my colors


The color-shifting part on the Cervelo S5 was so small (a thin patch on the seat tube) that this hue shift was barely visible on a small screen. The spray can was therefore disabled on that frame.

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Can’t wait till I hit level 25 so I can buy the s5 and finally use my green paint job from zwift academy 2018 haha

Hrm… I must have been thinking of a different model then … alas i only a lvl 25 so far so I still working to get more frames for racing

Anyone know why the trek Madone red colour is now a faded red and not the viper red which match the socks in game?


If you ever figure out how to get the true red for the Madone, let me know. Right now, the best I can do is either a pinkish red or some shade of orange.