(K.C. Race3R) #1

As it stands now, when on A ZEM GROUP RIDE the yellow beaconed Leader’s messages do not go to ALL RIDERS. There seems to be a physical distance and maybe a maximum recipient limits that stops some group riders from seeing ALL MESSAGES from the group ride leader. THIS IS ESPECIALLY PROBLEMATIC FOR HEAVILY ATTENDED GROUP RIDES. Can this be adjusted? Thanks KC@WBR

(Ignatias Robot) #2

Out of curiosity, what is ZEM?

(Paul Allen) #3

Zwift Event Module (ZEM)

(Charlie Sanders RaceWBR) #4

Critical need for this as event participant sizes grow.

(Mike Koehle RaceWBR B) #5

This would be very helpful.  Especially when there is a glitch and some riders (or the leader) get caught behind.  

(Michiel van der Wal [HIK] (B)) #6

In my opinion group ride messages should go to all riders in that group, regardless of the distance between them and at the same time not go to any other riders.

(Tomer Cohen RaceWBR) #7

Such a huge feture!!! All large events I’ve taken part of groups at the back of the peleton never gets the text instructions. Please Zwift HQ make this happen. Will make a huge difference and experience.

(Mark Carroll SCCC) #8


(J. Kannenberg RaceWBR (B)) #9

In my opinion leader messages are essential in group rides and must be visible to all riders. Especially when groups are big or growing (wich good group rides do). Otherwise it’s probably impossible to keep the bunch together and group keeper are wasting their power.

(nuno borges SMITE LDR��) #10

I like this idea, and tbh, until just now, i had assumed that all leader ZEM messages were being transmitted correctly. Now i understand why some of my group participants complain they can’t hear me.

I run the SMITE event on Saturdays at 9am, which is Strava segment based interval training. Unless i can communicate instructions to the group, nobody will know where the upcoming segment starts and ends. It’s important that we try and address this.

(David Griscom YCW) #11

I think all the riders behind the leader (for paced rides) should see the messages.  I do think there should be a distance limit for those that choose to get too far ahead of the leader.  In fact, I think if you exceed some distance you should be booted from the group.  That might prevent pace group rides from disintegrating into a free for all

(Simon Whitford INC) #12

could we also have these messages placed in the bottom third of the screen not slapped right in the middle of the action.