Help for Leaders and Riders

(Steve Clogg (LEAD)) #1

On the group rides now we are hitting nearly 200 riders, 3 big problems need to be addressed.

  1. The performance filtering Jon added is great by limiting the number of riders you can see but it also removes them from the overlay top right meaning a leader cant see riders off the front or back Please add the markers back and their names on the mobile app.
  2. Leader messages are being filtered along with the riders. As soon as the beacon vanishes so does all messaging. Its impossible to message riders off the front to slow down as they cant see the messages. Please allow inside the event module all the messages travel the whole course. 
  3. Distance to the leader plus or minus needs to be shown somewhere on the screen at all times. With the filtering in point 1, a group split can mean riders lose the beacon on the overlay.

(K.C. Race3R) #2

These three things are all vital to ZEM group ride LEADERS & RIDERS. Leaders need to be able to SEE all riders in the event with the gap. Leaders need to be able to message everyone on the group ride at all times (it would be good if the amount of time until the message disappeared were driven by LENGTH of Zwift message too). And super importantly, all RIDERS really need to know at all times where they are positioned versus the LEADER, so that they can speed up or slow to reform the pack. Thanks ZwiftHQ. ## Of course we also need verified ride ORGANiZERS to have the ability to Δ the RIDE LEADER, RIDE NAME, RIDE LENGTH, and other such details once an event is displayed in ZEM without hassling ZwiftHQ each time to make the change. #zwiftΔriding

(Dave Snowy Bibby ZSUNR) #3

Totally agree with the requirement for leaders here. Being able to see the entire group is key to a successful event for all taking part.

(Darren Linkin (True 2.5)) #4

All the above is great…and I think some of it happened (e.g., I think all riders in the event see leader messages no matter where they are?). I’d add that it would be useful to know if they are still in the same group as the leader. In these huge rides you can be potentially many seconds ahead or behind and not know a gap is growing. How about an indicator for whether you are in the leader’s group…i.e., whether there are no gaps of riders bigger than a bike length (or ? length) between you and the leader.