Message Parameters

OK I have a rider asking a few questions and I thought I knew the answer but she says she got a different answer from the game developers.
So let’s say there is a group ride with 350 riders. These riders are spread out over the entire Watopia Flat course. Lets say there are 150 around leader within let’s say 5 seconds front or back. The remaining 200 riders are up or back the entire route. NO FENCE ON. I am 99.99% sure leader message is supposed to be seen by all. Now the question I am getting is… What do other riders experience and receive and send from. Meaning if the rider is 3 miles behind they should not get messages from the group? What is the cut off point? Is it closest 100 riders front or back? .75 km front or back? And does it change if there is less or more than 100 riders in the group? Does that make a difference? And in reverse lets’ say we are in a group ride of 2000 riders, Yeah I know not normal. and all riders are packed tightly around leader. Do all 2000 riders see all 2000 other riders messages?
Have fun with this one Wes.

In 100+ group events I seem to always see messages from the ride leader but not from distant riders.

If I’ve dropped well off the back, for instance, with 250 riders somewhere ahead, I’ll keep seeing messages from the leader interacting with other riders whose messages I don’t see.

Jordan stated in another thread “It’s a 500m radius. However, if they use Zwift Companion, they should see the messages in that chat window regardless of distance.”