Text streams

*Would it be possible to limit text stream broadcasts to the nearest 100 riders or so? Sometimes there are so many concurrent messages being sent that there is no time to read one before another is posted over top of the first one. Additionally, a group text about a ride that is 20miles away from me in Zwift is not relevant to my place in Watopia or other maps. Thanks! *

It would be great if Group ride chat does not go to the whole world. Group event chat should stay in the event.


That’s where the messaging tab in ZC can supplement on-screen messaging as they are all in historical order there

@Gerrie_Delport, completely agree. What is said in ride, stays in ride, even if you are following some of them.

I don’t see why I need to read messages on a 5" screen when my game is on a 27" screen.

I run Zwifthacks Map on a third screen to follow messages.

I don’t see why I need to read messages on a 5" screen when my game is on a 27" screen.

My point was that sometimes there are so many that it is difficult to keep up with the messages, especially in a big ride but they all can add value as @Ren_Gardner has eluded to as they overwrite each other. I haven’t used Zwift Maps yet but I’m not sure if I would want to scroll through messages (if you are able to?) on the main screen?
There are things on ZC that add value I would not want on my main screen - ride on bomb ability , history of messages, etc…

The only thing I use ZCA for during a ride is to give multiple ride ons.

Leading a ride typing giving ride one and following conversations is already a lot of things to do.

Then to flip between the map on ZCA and messages just add to much to keep track off.

If they have lets say 3 messages under neath each other that can help.

But I am happy using Zwifthacks. :rofl: :rofl: :ride_on:

Agreed - I rarely keep up with the conversation when I’m leading, that’s where I find ZC really useful in case I miss something!! (Normally someone slating me tbh!)