Bot Armies !!!

(K.C. Race3R) #1

The huge size and the wheel sucking behavior of the Bot (Ghost Rider) riders is ridiculous.  We warned about this with the previous release, but now it is far worse. Additionally, some of the bots need to be faster so that some of the bots are useful. Still having them ride at a fixed W/kg per lap would be optimal.

(Chris Squire) #2

I agree with some riding at a fixed w/kg. It would also be cool if you could search for that to find one (or preferably a group) so you could ride with them. It would be nice to join a group that’s over my level to try to keep up with. 

(anon51943766) #3

It would be nice the ability to select our own ghosts. For example, today I want to ride with a ghost that represents my ride on yesterday, or ride with the ghost of the actual KOM rider, etc.