Do away with transparent bots, make them feel real?

As mentioned above, I’d rather feel like the bots were real riders and not the other way around. Give them some flesh tones, and a cool Zwift AI team jersey(s).

Also perhaps create different category bot riders designated by a specific jersey.So you can work towards perhaps hanging with a higher level bot as you become stronger.




Let’s remove completely the bluebots =) Yesterday with 1200 crazy riders on track they are useless. 

I don’t mind the AI riders as they are, but they are not much fun to ride with.  I find that they often hang on my wheel, but if I try to get a draft on one of them, their speed seems inconsistent (i.e. they may go for a sprint or KOM or something that I’m not interested in). 

Ideally, I’d like to ride with a ghost of one of my previous rides, whether it be a particular workout, or a free ride.  Have the ability to play back a ride, but increase the speed by 5-10% so it’s a challenge to keep up with my yesterday self. :slight_smile:

I want fewer bots

I agree. Blue men are indeed more than due for a change/update.

First, they should look more realistic and not transparent blue. This certainly clearly indicates they are bots but it detracts from the realism of Zwift.  Perhaps they could remain blue but give them a full kit so they are not so distracting. 

There have been many other suggestions in the past with regards to updating the AI of these bots. I too feel they are placed and paced somewhat random and I almost never find one or more to ride with and I ride a full range of paces on Zwift. It should be much easier to find a group of them to ride with or perhaps they should automatically adjust to ride with you. That could be a preference? 

So, IMHO, the blue bots fill up space but that’s about the length of their usefulness now.