AI...what’s the difference?

(James Russell) #1

I’m quite new to Zwift and love the community feel of it, but I hear there are AI riders on the road too. Tell me…how do I know if a rider is an AI or not? Does it matter? Is their performance that different to a bag of meat like me and is it worth keeping pace with them?

(Paul Allen) #2

There used to be AI riders (Blue Guys) when there were not as many users, but they have been gone for a couple years now. They might return in the form of pace bots in the future if we are lucky.

(James Russell) #3

Brilliant, thank you, Guess that’s the problem with reading old forum posts!

(James Russell) #4

Pace bots would be good.

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #5

See those blue guys. If you ever see one of those again, it’s AI.

As noted before, they’ve been gone for a while. Maybe they could be turned on again for “off worlds” with low populations (e.g. have them on Richmond where the only people riding are world hacking). They weren’t really much different from real people other than they’d keep a steadier pace, albeit different AI riders rode at different paces. They were worth drafting if they were going at around the page you wanted to ride at, otherwise not really much use other than making the world feel a little busier.

(lukas ranicar) #6

There is also some dude called “game master” or something like that. plugged in at zwift HQ like Morpheus or Neo type. Not seen him for a while though.
That is a sad thought that the blue bots have been banished to Richmond.

(Alfonso DeLuca) #7

I for one wouldn’t mind seeing them come back.