Another riding 'alone' problem

Like others who have posted, as of about 2 days ago (March 23), I am riding alone, similar to others, i see a few riders when I first log in, then they quickly disappear.  Steps I have taken:

  1. restarted modem and router, multiple times

  2. ensured port 3022 is being forwarded

  3. lowered any modem/router firewall settings

  4. restarted laptop …many times

  5. no changes made to home network

any other suggestions?  Thanks


Hi David, 

We’re sorry to hear. In 99% of cases it is the internet connection problem in general. It doesn’t have to be problem between your PC and your router but connection between your router and our server. I can see you opened a ticket so can you please provide us with the ‘‘log’’ file and we’ll take it from there. 

Do you know where you can find the file? 

In meantime you can try connecting your PC using an internet cable just to see if it makes any difference.

Thank you. 

Hi there, I am having the same problem and to be honest I am just about over it.  I have tried all the fix it advice to no avail.  My zwift worked fine for months and then all of a sudden I cant see anyone else?  I am very likely to just give this away if its not sorted, its odd that this started to happen out of the blue - is there anyway I can actually speak to a consultant to work through the troubleshoot process in detail? .  Thank you.  Kind regards Brendan



Hi Brendan,

We haven’t heard back after our last response via our ticketing system on April 16th. Were you able to look into the advice given there? If not, can you please submit a ticket again and include your latest log.txt files (found in Documents\Zwift\Logs)?