Riders keep appearing / disappearing

Hi all,

Running Zwift on a Dell laptop and has been great for 3 months. Went through a Windows update last week and now on a ride the other riders appear for about 5 seconds, disappear for 5 seconds and then reappear … you get the picture.

Changed from home WiFi to check with phone tethering as well and happens on both (Zwift runs perfectly on the phone itself) so am guessing it may be something to do with WiFi settings vs. connections but am by no means an expert.

Thanks for the help!

Yes, it sounds like an unstable network connection. Maybe a dodgy wifi driver was installed in the update? Is it possible to run a cable to connect to your router, or otherwise boost your wifi?

Hi Geoff,
Hi Steve,

this winter I was experiencing the same problem more often as well. It seems to be a problem with the WiFi, as my bandwidth “begind the router” is ok (checked it when the issue occurred). I haven’t found a solution yet (cable is not an option in our case).

It would be interesting to see if the problem is more prevailing when there is more traffic on your WiFi (like wife and/or kids streaming movies etc.). I was thinking about setting up separate WiFis and/or separating frequencies to reduce the load on a given WiFi.

Any idea if this might help?

Thanks - what’s puzzling me is the same is occurring across home wifi, and then also with phone wifi hotspot and also connecting via phone cable as well (phone has around 30mbps speed). This is telling me it’s more related to the laptop vs. the network (as three different ways to connect have been tried so far!)

Have reinstalled Zwift - only thing left to try it Ethernet cable direct to the broadband hub.

Long shot here and way over my head, but have you seen the latest troubleshooting article on Zwiftinsider dot com? Talks about the Windows firewall settings needed. They might have gotten changed in your update?

If you search “disappearing” on zwiftinsider it is the first item that comes up.
Good Luck!

Hi Scott, Thanks for this, this feels like this is the problem as I had to get my work IT guys to do something on another piece of software (don’t think I can ask them to do the same for Zwift :))

Will try and disable the Firewall and see if this does the job - if not then I’ll need to get into the technical guts of the article (shivers):


SOLVED (ish!)

Disabled corporate firewall which did the job nicely - so connection was fine and issues were to do with the windows update.

Thanks all for the help, much appreciated!