Zwifters Disappearing or Going off Course

Hi there, hoping to get help with this. I am relatively new to Zwift and have been enjoying the fun and the races. I have an iPhone and a set up in our garage that worked perfectly until the latest update. From never encountering any issues I now cannot race on Zwift. I simply cannot see the riders and after testing with a friend I noticed that as soon I am off wifi I disappear from Zwift. I tested internet and it works perfectly therefore is not lack of connectivity. I use my iPhone to ride and never, ever had issues before last week since the latest update. Not sure what to do. Is super frustrating as I don’t want an app that causes more pain than joy and it shouldn’t be that hard to use it.

It sounds like you’re having connectivity problems. That’s why you can’t see other riders.

You mentioned being “off wifi”. Are you trying to ride using your phone’s mobile data connection?

Thank you for your reply. Yes, always did and never had any issues previously. I also checked internet to see if I was offline and nope I wasn’t. As mentioned this only happened last week after the latest update. I went downstairs, Zwift requested for the app to be updated, I did it and since then I am off Zwift. Only when I am in my home using home internet the system is back again. As soon I step out I can’t. This is new and super frustrating

This is (likely) due to a mobile data issue that we are currently investigating.