Riders and lists disappear

Running Zwift on Apple TV 4k. Today when using. Riders disappear on the screen and the details also disappear then 10 - 15 seconds later re-appear.All world are the same. The local network isn’t dropping out as the Apple TV shows a full wi-fi signal and the Apple TV plays Youtube videos ok without any dropout at all.
No Zwift issues on previous days.

It sounds like your internet connection dropped off for a bit, before reconnecting. I used to get the same thing when I had ADSL. I’m not sure what the app caches and what it requires a real-time connection for, but presumably nearby riders are real-time.


Thanks Peter. No 100% sure it’s my connection. Movies on TV YouTube playing Music streaming etc all at the same time. No issues. Only Zwift with an issue with everything else off. I’ll see what it looks like later when there’ll be a lot more more on.

It is quite likely that youtube is caching whatever you are watching - you probably wouldn’t notice a 20-30 second drop-out

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Yes that may be true for Youtube. Still a few a few weird things today like single riders disappearing and re appearing while everything else is smooth and on screen.
Even websites continue to load when Zwift drops out.
Done all I can and reported. I’ll just sit it out.

If you were on anything other than Apple TV I would tell you to get the log file and run it through the zwiftanalyser website. Unfortunately you can’t do that with ATV.

Yes Ben a dedicated gaming PC is in the pipeline. May try that later when I have time on the MacBook Pro (Not ideal though for Zwift). I can run them side by side. First I’ll see if it comes good. In 18 months on the same hardware I haven’t seen Zwift doing that before.

Any device (Android, iPhone, iPad, PC) other than ATV would be able to give you the log files (run on that particular device) and you would be able to see if there was a wifi drop out. That’s the only thing I’ve heard of making things like that disappear.

Bingo Ben. Looks like it’s the Apple TV. No dropouts on the MacBook Pro.
I’ll first try a reinstall of Zwift. If that doesn’t fix it a factory reset of the Apple TV.

Thanks for your help.

Seems to be fixed now. Reset Apple TV & Zwift new install. Tried reinstalling Zwift only first but the issue was still there.

Some other things you might try:

Always force quit the Zwift app when you finish a ride

Regularly restart your ATV

Change your router settings to use a fixed channel instead of ‘best channel’

Thanks Nigel. Tips taken on board.
It was the original install close to two years. Just update, update, update. Time for a fresh install. Five km test went ok no dropouts. Even sitting at the start it was intermittently dropping out. Not now over 10 minutes. Fingers crossed.

Riders disappearing and/or reappearing is typically due to bad network connection. It could be you or it could be them. If you start Zwift, get riding and then turn off your internet, Zwift will continue to run but you’ll see everyone disappear.

Manually check for updates if you’re having any issues. Always force quit Zwift and the Companion app after each ride.

The only time my Apple TV 4K has been restarted is when the Apple TV OS has been updated. Manually check that is also the latest and greatest.

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Sounds like you may have it fixed, but just for another data point, I was experiencing the same thing yesterday. Rider list fluctuating a lot, disappear/reappear, etc. Could be my internet, though didn’t have a problem anywhere else. Didn’t impact anything other than just being a bit annoying. Not worth investigating, IMHO, unless it continues, but glad you seem to have it fixed.

Thanks Brian. Yes all fixed now no issues at all.

Did a full factory reset of the Apple TV and installed Zwift and that stopped the issue.
First tried just reinstalling Zwift but that didn’t help.

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