Nearby Zwifters disapper using Apple TV

Recently when starting some events all Nearby Zwifters disappear for a few minutes.
If a solo ride it is no big issue, but on group events you just lose the group and by the time they all reappear you’re way out the back and have no chance of catching up.
Wifi is stable as the companion app is still up and running, likewise wifi on other devices in the same room.

Anybody else seen such an issue and know how to debug it ?

Are you sure that your wifi is ok? The Zwift client will need more stability to constantly be checking where you and the other riders are, as compared to Zwift Companion. And your Apple TV’s wifi reception might not be the same as your phone’s due to being located in a different place.

Could your Apple TV be obstructed by other equipment close to it?

Yeah - wifi seems fine when I check – 4/5 signal strength every time I check.
Note - don’t know for sure if this is stable when using zwift as can’t check it at the same time.
Nothing obstructing the apple tv either, sitting in front of a non-smart tv.
If anything the apple tv normally indicates a better wifi reception than my phone.