Riders Flashing off and on

Since the latest update riders have been disappearing off their bikes, then reappearing. When riders disappear the bikes have still been moving. I use an IPad to Zwift and this has been occurring in training rides and others reported the same issue.

When I start Zwift from my IPad it now immediately closes then makes me open it again and then seems to work.

I have been having issues with rides saving correctly, where Zwift closes before it saves.

Same issue. On Windows 10.
Comes and goes during a ride.


Exactly the same problem riders flashing on and off and jerky background since last update on windows 10 pc. Have contacted support but they don’t seem aware of this and just pointed me to an article about poor Internet connection. So no help here as my Internet is excellent and working well. It would be nice to have the issue recognised and and update to fix.


I have a similar issue. Since the last update, riders flash on and off.
It occurs in big group rides. I’m yet to try smaller events. It seems to affect syncing with other riders too. They think I am further up the road which also affects the draft. I need to put out 10% more power than them to keep up. I then get reported for being disruptive and up the road. I can’t participate in group rides without this issue being fixed. I have ridden for years on Zwift without this issue. It does not occur after the event when numbers are reduced.


Just to add like Mark above it’s most severe on group rides and with power sync to other riders. I think the constant flashing could cause headaches or worse.


Usually means your device is running out of resources. Time to upgrade.


Well I doubt my PC would start eating resources overnight. It’s a decent spec and Zwift has been problem free for the last 2 years.

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Does the Windows performance monitor show plenty of resources free? Because your PC has probably been accumulating background processes over time and it’s possible something has started using resources that Zwift needs.

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Zwift gets progressively more demanding over time, it’s pretty clearly seen in the performance slip on higher end systems. There’s a downward trend. At some point you may start to see the impact on your particular system, even though you’ve not changed anything.

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I’m glad I’m not the only one. There also happens to be a long list of people experiencing the same issue in the Zwift Riders group in Facebook. I can confirm it’s not device resources (i7 16gb ram SSD drive) and not the graphics as my device has a GPU compatible with the “ultra” graphics settings. It also started happening all of a sudden on large group rides.

Additionally it seems to affect the app’s ability to read power such that I have to put out way more power than riders around me and the readings jump all over the place and I get spit out the back of the group.

It would be great to hear back from Zwift support on this.

I opened a ticket as well to see if I could get a response. :frowning:


I’m the same, background really stutters since the last updated. Especially in the grassy bits or tree sections.


And their response was to blame my internet connection. Reboot my router and all that nonsense.


Thanks for reaching out to us!

After reviewing your ride, it looks like you had some network errors with our servers during your ride, which would explain what you’re experiencing.

Is this a normal occurrence for you having riders disappearing?

To prevent this from happening in the future, we suggest you follow the troubleshooting steps in this [ article ](instructions on how to reboot your router).

If you have any other questions, please let us know; we’re always happy to help!

Ride on!
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I have the same issue on group rides when I am near the beacon and today on a group workout. It does not happen when I participate in a race

Same issue again today after an update. I tried toying with the graphics settings (medium, high, ultra) it was the same with all of them. I then switch to a 6 year old iPad and voila ran just fine. Most certainly not wifi and most definitely a PC app issue.

I’ve tried everything to fix the flashing issue apart from buying a new PC. To participate in group rides I now sit at the back and pay absolute attention to my position and effort. This way I can keep the number of nearby riders as low as possible. I then avoid the flashing whilst still reminiscing of the great rides I used to have. Unfortunately if a race breaks out, I miss the break.