Disappearing riders every 5 seconds

(John Williams) #1

Everyone on the road disappears momentarily then reappears every 5 seconds or so. The names all vanish from the list too and then return. I’ve tried two different completely separate internet connections with no change. Also I spoke to some other riders in the game who said the same was happening to them. I rode this morning and I was not having this problem

(Vincent) #2

Hey John we’ve noticed this issue and we’re investigating with our production team. Thanks for the heads up!

Scalability issues
(John Williams) #3

Okay cool thanks!

(Vincent) #4

No problem :ride_on:

(Steve) #5


Here’s an example I got on screenshots last month: Network latency and riders disapearing

A second or so before this screen shot, I saw a crowd of riders. 3 seconds later, I saw a crowd of riders. At this moment, Zwift only displayed 4 other riders. As I understand it, this does not happen because of latency possibly in my internet connection; too much latency would REMOVE ALL OTHER RIDERS from view. What I’ve seen a few times is some but not all other riders flicker in and out. This seems like it might be a Zwift issue in the servers or in the software.

(Vincent) #6

Yeah we’re looking along those lines, thank you for the screenshots and details!

(Barb) #7

I had similar issues on my iPad. Restarting Zwift didn’t help, but restarting the iPad and then Zwift seemed to fix the problem for me.