Riders Disappearing: New Observations

There are several posts about the rider disappearing problem on the forum so far, and I’ve been following them closely.  Causes have been claimed to be everything from graphics card loads, to firewall issues, to servers being down, to internet connection quality.  I’ve investigated them all.

When I run swift on my iphone or iPad, it works flawlessly.  I see every rider and no one disappears.  When I run Zwift on my desktop (windows 10) the riders are there for the first 10 seconds and then they quickly disappear until its just me and maybe 2 or 3 other people in the world.

My desktop is a Intel i7 980x hexa core based system with an Nvidia GTX 980x video card and 12 Gig of ram blah blah blah, and so my asssumption was that that was more than enough above minimum spec outlined by Zwift.  I’m on Comcast internet with 250 Megabit/s download and 12 upload and the connection is rock solid.  

I won’t go over all the things I have tried to get the riders to come back and stay back on my windows rig in Zwift, but I had to tell everyone something I did that worked, and just throw that into the ring though it is something that may not be possible for everyone.

On a lark I overclocked my system to 4.2Mhz up from 3.33Mhz (the native core speed of the 980x)  This was just one of those last ditch, try anything moves,and based on the fact that someone had mentioned that perhaps the culprit was that systems were being overloaded and could not handle the sheer number of riders attempting to be displayed and tracked.

It worked.

At 4.2Mhz on my 980x processor the riders all stay and do not disappear!  I changed the clock back to 3.33Mhz, and restarted Zwift, and poof they were gone.  Overclocked back to 4.2Mhz and again, everything worked perfectly.

Npw by “perfectly” I mean that I started the program on the desktop and didn’t connect via Mobile link app.  I was just observing to see if the riders would “stay” and they did…

Next test is to see if using Mobile link puts a load on the system such that the riders start going poof again.  Fingers crossed.

Hopefully someone (probably another gamer) will be able to replicate this.



Any time I have had riders drop out it has correlated with a subpar wifi connection.  I’m running an I3 at 2.9GHz and I dont see that riders drop as long as my connection is solid.  There only thing I can think of is the overclocking changes how Windows schedules processes on more than one core

I never thought of that possibility David. It could be, and possibly also an explanation for the people who have identified they have quality internet connection and can find no other fault. Interesting if it turns out to be a processor based issue. For me, I’m just glad to have gotten it working! :slight_smile: Maybe those who can’t change their orocesso clock speeds could experiment with changing processor affinity in task manager? Getting swift to run on different/different number of cores? Its free to try anyway :slight_smile:

Hi this is happened to me a couple of times now and when I look at my Internet connection it seems pretty strong and stable I over 12 Megs a second. One thing I came across while looking at an Xbox One X review was that games alternate between GPU and CPU using the CPU almost exclusively if there are a large number of AI characters on a screen. This got me thinking if perhaps the GPU overload could cause other riders to vanish, and if there was perhaps some sort of setting that could alleviate this within the Nvidia set up?