My recent experience - glitchy as hell!

My first real go as a paying user, and I honestly had the worst experience since using the beta for some months.

Other riders would flicker into view, then disappear never to be seen again; riders would pass from behind, move in front, “close the gap” would appear, which I would do - then they disappear. Sometimes to reappear in front of me a minute later, or further up the road - but all the while their name remains in the rider list.

Speaking of which, this is continually jumbling around, it will collapse into just me, all the riders around me would disappear, and for sometimes 10+ seconds it’ll be just me - then they will flood back again, some then just vanishing a few seconds later.

My internet is 80+ mbit btw and working fine.

At the end I was winding down, just passing the start/end point, and I suddenly acquired a green jersey, then orange jersey. Whooo!! But hang on… on the left it says I was 1/2 riders… 390+ on the right-hand list… can’t be right?

Overall, rather disappointed - and not just me, speaking to others who were on last night, a common experience it seems.


does this mean you’re going to cancel your sub?

Well I’ve paid up for a month, so will see how it goes.

It certainly detracted from the experience though so if it continues (assuming it’s a server/bandwidth capacity issue they can resolve) then I’ll see in a months time. If its no better then I probably will, maybe try it again next year when hopefully they’ll have smoothed things out.

Hi sTTu,

If you’re experiencing these kinds of issues, it *sounds* like some thing interrupted your connection with our server. Please open a ticket and include the log.txt file from your Documents\Zwift\Logs folder.

Additionally, perhaps a reset of the router might help?

Thanks Eric I’ll do that. I was Zwifting a short while ago too and, although not as bad as last night, I noticed a few issues with riders flashing and disappearing etc. I tried videoing for a bit so will pass it on in a support ticket. I used on my Surface Laptop immediately after I’d finished and it reported 68mbit down, 18mbit up.

I also noticed a bug with the sprint leaderboard, I took some screenshots so will pass that on also :slight_smile:

experiencing same problems. I’m paying for a month to see how the game pans out for me but so far after the free trial and one ‘paid’ ride I have experienced the game freezing mid ride; leaders boards and rider lists disappearing; riding half a lap on my own - no other avatars on screen; failing to save after completing a ride. So when it works it’s great but it’s too glitchy at the moment. I’m getting between 65-75 mbit download speed so it’s unlikely to be the internet connection. The selling point of zwift is the social/community side to take away the boredom of the turbo but if I end up riding half the time on my own - looking at the back of my avatar’s head on the screen, it sort of defeats the object of the game!