not joining group rides

(Evan Blankenship) #1

I tried joining groups rides today and instead I just rode the map alone, there was absolutely no one else on course. I rode for about 30min and then ended ride. I exited the program and relaunched to try again with the next ride, I clicked join it but nothing else from there, again ended up on course solo. Not sure if it was me or Zwift messing up. 

(Vincent Meijer) #2

Same here. This is the third time I couldn’t join a group ride and was riding alone. This is getting very frustrating. Zwift needs to fix this asap or they will loose a customer soon.

(Roberto Duarte) #3

Sorry about that folks, we have a memory problem with our latest server release and we are working on a patch to production soon. That was the cause of the problem you had today.

(Jake Sigal ( #4

Hi I had the same issue last night trying to join a group ride. Was JRA, KICKR connected Ant+ to my MacBookAir. Used my mobile phone with the Zwift app to select events and hit join + button. I never got a prompt to join while riding.