Mobile Beta functionality

I have just accepted and installed the mobile beta which worked fine. When I open the app I can only see a list of those currently riding. Should I be able to use the app to ride independently of the windows application? I was looking forward to connecting my stages powermeter to my phone via Bluetooth and riding straight to the phone.

I was struggling with this as well. What I did find out is that if you open the IOS app and start a ride on the PC the IOS app turns into a sort of dashboard. You can see your speed/power or you can switch to a screen that allows you to control rider actions (elbow flick, rider comments, etc). I can’t see how to run a ride strictly from the IOS app. I would be up for that as I also have a stages power meter.

Hi everyone,

The iOS application is a companion to Zwift. We currently have no plans for a mobile-only version of the game.


PS - Make sure the WiFi network on your mobile device is the same as the computer running Zwift. That will allow it to link up.