Zwift mobile link no current ride

Sorry but with new version of Zwift mobile link on Android I can’t see my current ride dashboard when I’m riding on Zwift via PC

I’m not aware of any global issues tied to the new release, so I’d recommend making sure your setup matches the necessary conditions for pairing. It could be that your phone’s WiFi connection is dropping or there was a change in your firewall, etc.

If general troubleshooting doesn’t solve it, submit a ticket so we can get your logs. Thanks!

I have the same problem. If you crash out or close the ZML on Android when you are riding and then restart ZML Android it does not know you are active and wont show the current ride dashboard or map menus.  Its easy to reproduce by closing down the ZML and restarting while riding in zwift

BTW - as an extra to this the notification panel will still show the ride info but the app itself has disabled the menu functions