Android mobile link issues

I’ve had a problem the last two days using the mobile link app on my Android phone. Part way through my Friday ride, the mobile link app just stopped showing my status and gesture screens. the only screen that would show was who else was riding and then the phone screen saver would kick in, since my connection was lost. I had to turn off the phone twice and wait the 2nd time for a couple of minutes. After that I was able to get it working again today. But as soon as I stopped mid ride today the same thing happened again and the mobile link app lost connection. I opened a support call on Friday to give a heads up. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this or maybe its just my phone?

I had the same thing happen. Had to close the mobile app and then reopen it to get back to the ride screens. Happened to me multiple times on Saturday on a 2 hour ride. Didn’t happen at all on Sunday on a 1 hour ride.

still unable to log into zwidf on my samsung note 3 mobile phone…i changed my password to lower case…any suggestions???

Same problem.  Takes forever to link, then shuts off unexpectedly, never to rejoin.  Was told there is an update on the app store, but have not been able to find it. 

Same problem. During a 1h Ride my Android Mobile link lost 3 times connection in Ride screen.

Same here- need to disable than enable wifi to reconnect ZML - than BT HR not every time have luck to reconnect…