Mobile Link keeps dropping the game

During _every_ session the Android Zwift Mobile Link app drops the game at least once. This happens even though the phone is set to performance mode (no sleep or dial-back), on charger (definitely no deep-sleep), and is kept close to the router. Also checked, and there are no WiFi signal drops either, the app just simply disconnects from the game. The only solution is to force close the app, clear cache and restart, and then maybe it will reconnect, but sometimes even that doesn’t help (and this is really frustrating during a session).

The HRM works flawlessly with other devices and apps, so there’s no issue there.

Device: Samsung Galaxy S7 (G930FD), Android 7.0, Zwift Mobile Link v2.1.8

Please fix as this is unusable this way.

Pretty much exactly the same issue here. Mobile Link is useless for me as it drops the wattage signal on a random basis about once every 5 minutes. Sometimes permanently, sometimes for 30s or so. No patter to it.

IMO it shouldn’t be advertised as a viable alternative to an ANT+ dongle - its just really frustrated me!

Just to add another voice to this, the ZML disconnects each and every time I ride on Zwift. It has become completely unreliable and of ZERO value at this point.

I agree !  I never depend on it, all my rides drop Bluetooth (mobile)  , I use my laptop for viewing, but still frustrating, and mobile app is always very delayed compared to wattage, and riders close by.

Same. ZML on Android is almost unuesable.

Same. ZML on iOS iphone 5s…

I concur,

            I am using ZML and an iphone 5S with an iMac. I have been through and through all of the troubleshooting guides, but nothing has made the connection to Zwift reliable. I often have no problem, immediate sustained connection. As often I have a complete inability to connect that really hacks me off, standing there in character with all the biking gear on. I would really just prefer a cabled USB connection, its not like I am going anywhere. Either it improves or I will have to drop the Zwift subscription as a workout option.

during todays 1h ride the app lost connection 6 times!! this is outraging…

well i’ve noticed that twice in last few days (12 days of christmas events) when the number of users was above 6000 i would get regular drops from the mobile app.  BTW it had never happened before in last 3 months, or ever since i joined zwift.  At some point i was biking by myself for 10 minutes + without any other riders around.  this afternoon EST during the SAS christmas event all was good, then connection dropped and you dont know what position you have  when you reconnect and when you disappear some people escaped and when you get reconnected the gap is so big that you cant even see them anymore in front.

I have switched to using my MacBook Pro (late 2013 OSX 10.11.1) instead of my older iMac (2009, OSX 10.10.5) . This seems to have resolved the connectivity issue and the drop issue. I therefore assume that my problem was based on incompatibility in the bluetooth protocols of the older iMac operating system and my iphone which has the latest iteration of the iOS “downgrade”.  I don’t like the small screen nearly as much, but at least it works…

I suggest raising a support ticket about this issue. That has the best chance of getting Zwift’'s attention. I have and they were responsive but blamed my setup (despite my other training apps working well). More of us that raise a support ticket: more chance of a proper tech investigating the issue.

Good idea, just did. Let’s see what happens now…

Support tickets are the only way to go once you confirm a bug in the forum here. Be very specific about the problem and ask for a confirmation regarding the issue.

ZML is unusable and I agree.

I’ve been having the problem and have a support case rasied / logs submitted.  It’s with the Tier-2 team already but no feedback from them yet.  The more cases that get logged for this problem the more chance we have that they will take notice  :wink:

This issue is a constant for my android phone as well. Reinstalled the app an no better. My tv screen indicates that the mobile app is on next to my name but I can rarely reconnect once it disconnects


It seems i’m slightly luckier  i get disconnects every hour or two.  Still it’s a huge problem during races.  I first blamed it on the router, but changing a router and a phone and even an ISP didn’t help. 

The disconnects are more likely to happen if i stop pedaling for a minute, like when i get off to change fan speed.   

Issue filed, i hope they pay attention.

I’m still in comms with ZHQ-Tier2 at the moment on my case.  The I’ve not an outstanding point to reply to them on but can not validate at the moment as away from home for a few day. 


For others that have this same problem…  Do you experience the problem only when riding in events or does it also happen when ‘just riding’?

Mines doing the same. I use my Iphone SE for the actual game and My old Nexus 4 (android) for the Mobile link. The mobile link connection will drop all the time. Closing ZML and reopening it seems to sort it for a little while, then it happens again…

All my sensors are paired directly with the game so it’s not a massive problem although annoying if I want to use a power up or pause a workout etc

I just started using ant+ instead of bluetooth for pairing, and thought all of my aggravations were over from dropped connections.  Yesterday, during my first long ride, my android mobile app started losing connection after about 40 minutes.  Since I wasn’t relying on it for pairing, I could continue, but really missed the convenience of using it for turns, screen shots, and other actions.  Sometimes it would reconnect on its own, but usually I would have to close it completely and re-open.  That worked only some of the time.  This was on a solo ride, not a group event.  This morning the problem was back as soon as I started the program.  It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with stopping or slowing.

Same problem - multiple disconnects today - very frustrating - needs a fix!