What am I doing wrong

I poodled through a ride today and decided to join a one lap race.

My set up is a pc hooked to a big screen tv, with my android phone to move around the game, dashboard, zwifters etc.

 All was great until I switched to the race. I lost my phone stuff. I could see that  was on, I lost the game tab, I didn’t appear in zwifters that I could find. It was like I was spectating on my phone.

All else was great. I left and reentered the program while I raced, but no changes. 

What am I doing wrong? 

Thanks in advance



The Zwift Mobile App dropping out of game mode is fairly common. Let’s hope Zwift come out with a fix.

Nigel speaks the truth!

I recommend getting a dongle for the PC and no more worries about the omni-present ZML issues. Keyboard and mouse work just fine (I use wireless). ZML is only good for chat (and you lose that on every restart after drops).

I have a dongle on the PC. And my phone didn’t drop out. I dropped out. I could follow as a spectator on my phone. The PC of course was across the room.  

It happen less frequent, but when that happen to me I turn off my wifi on my phone and back on and it will reconnect and I can see the map again.

thanks. I rebooted, and I actually changed my wifi points, but I’ll try be more specific next time. My PC is wifi in the basement, so I was likely concerned about disconnecting. Thanks for the suggestion