Reporting strange behavior in a race today

3R Volcano Circuit Flat race. At completion of 3/4 laps, I got a message for a Personal Best. Instantly all the guys around me disappeared and I am riding alone. I look down at my phone which is running the companion app (and isn’t in arm’s reach) and I am no longer in the game but back at the home page with a message about loading a training plan. On my computer I continued in the race to the end, now riding all by myself.

What do you all think?

That sounds like the general behavior that happens when you lose your connection to the internet. What is your set up for Zwift? Is your Zwift device on wireless or hardwired? If wireless I suggest changing your router settings to use a ‘fixed’ channel (like 1 or 11), instead of letting it search for the ‘best’ channel. (This can cause your router to change channels in the middle of a ride, which might then disconnect you from whatever wireless device on which Zwift is running for just long enough to cause the behavior you describe. And because ZC and your Zwift device have to be on the same network, it could cause the disconnection between those, also.) Additionally, since you are running ZC on a phone, you may want to turn off the ‘cellular data’ option while running ZC so that there is no ‘competition’ between your wireless network and cellular network for which one ZC is trying to use.

Wireless, dhcp but the ip address doesn’t change. I had no indication vehatsoever that there was a signal loss to either device. If I lost internet then why did the information which was now displaying on the computer seamlessly continue? And at the same exact time the companion app did what I described.

My theory, without understanding the way the zwift web and mobile apps work, is that some logic triggered by the mobile app interrupted part of the way the web app renders the display.

But what do I know, I am just reporting what I saw.

The game continues for you (after losing the internet) because all “assets” are already loaded. The Companion App goes back to home screen because the network isnt there for it to see your Zwift session. What you have described is entirely consistent with a dodgy network somewhere between your Zwift computer and Zwift mothership (not necessarily in your house either, could be ISP, in the street…). Nigel’s tips a great place to start.