Mobile Link very slow

(C oach Paul Ozier) #1

I have Mobile Link on my Android phone. I am having an issue with the app running incredibly slow after riding Zwift for 30-40+ minutes. Works fine early on. The longer I ride the slower the app gets. ANy ideas?

(. TomH..) #2

Hi Paul, 

This sounds like the phone’s issue. Perhaps warmer it gets, slower it’s operates? What about other apps? Have you tried any? What phone do you have? 

(C oach Paul Ozier) #3

The phone is a Samsung Galaxy 4. It works fine on everything else. Funny thing is yesterday I rode for slightly over 2 hours and it didn’t miss a beat. Also it has worked fine on some rides (usually shorter), others I experience the slow down. 

(. TomH..) #4

Hi Paul,

That’s pretty strange issue, have you tried reinstalling the Zwift App?

(C oach Paul Ozier) #5

I did re-install the app. No change. Another thing I noticed is if I have to go to a different screen, for example to see my count down clock for the start of a group ride, then go back to zwift the Chat function does not display what others are texting. I can send a message and see it appear on zwift, but the no more text come to me on the phone. This weekend when the app got slow, I logged off the app, logged on and it was working fast and normal again.