Very slow on pc

Ive discovered that zwift is loading very slowly and not even getting to the ride game part on both my PCs and no idea why. It starts up perfectly fine on my phone. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and same issue. Any ideas?

What are the specs for the PC? Which CPU, which GPU, how much memory, and what kind of storage is installed? Is the storage solid state? Also disable OneDrive or any cloud sync software, and any anti-virus software other than Defender that comes with Windows.

My pcs are fine and were working well with zwift before. Noticed my pcs were running faster when zwift was uninstalled. Im not faffing about with an app that seems to have issues. Have had silly issues with zwift on my smart devices recently and never have done before. Think ill have use a competitor as haven’t had the faff with them and in the time tried to sort zwift out I would have had a workout indoors or outdoors

No worries. There are some settings that can affect performance on some PCs, depending on the details of what you have. We can pick up the discussion again any time. So many free trials and new products out there, you can ride for months for free. Zwift is by far the best if you like riding with other humans. Some of the competitors are interesting if you have other priorities.

Im not too serious about or interested in racing with other etc just using it to stay fit and was given a zwift hub for birthday. Had less hassle when had my old fluid turbo just hopped on amd pedaled with no connection issues with zwift. Wouldn’t say the smart route is the way just seems alot of faff and time wasted setting it up despite how they advertise it. Couple of my riding partners werent surprised with the faff and my gf who got the present said i should have stayed with what i had already lol

Gave it another chance but with a new tablet and had issues connecting click to change gears! Like when using my phone (which keeps losing connection with resistance sensor) the tablet loses connection with the click gear changing buttons! This hub is a figging hassle. Think ill go back to the fluid and sell the not so smart hub trainer on gumtree

You also have the option to just put a cassette on the Hub and not use the Click controller. That’s definitely what I would do in that situation.

Not the point of having paid for the upgrade to do that. Shouldn’t really have to do that. Folk who say turbos are a faff are right. Should be able to set up a turbo once and be able to just ride like advertised. Fecked off with this faff sorry

these two statements seems at odds with each other

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Writen on seperate days after trying different devices etc.

if you want to tell us what devices you’re using and what the specs are we might be able to help, if you don’t then there isnt much help we can offer.

Ive tried them on 2 windows 11 pcs. One mobile and a tablet which is brand new. Resistance sensor keeps losing connection on mobile, click gearings loses connections on tablet and zwift starting and running very slow on pcs with no ither issues with other programs on the pcs.

No, are not.
But it looks like you’ve already made your decision.

But your problem

has nothing to do with the trainer.

Its do with Zwift program. Funny how others have had similar issues. Still a faff. Never had this much hassle when using a “traditional” turbo or going on bike outside