Zwift Companion App freezes

Hi, My ZC app starts with the game as expected but after a few seconds it freezes and does not replicate the chat or my position on a ride. I have removed the app and reloaded, confirmed my phone and the computer are on the same network. ZC worked fine until about 2 weeks ago. I have an Samsung Android phone and run the game through windows on a laptop, using the Gen 4 Wahoo kickr over a BLE connection.

Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks.

Are you making sure to disable mobile data on your device? Sometimes a phone will jump back and forth between WiFi and 4/5G depending on which one has the better speeds at the time causing issues like this. This is the most common cause for issues with intermittent connectivity between ZC and Zwift but there’s more troubleshooting on this article.

Thanks Lucas talked to ZHQ support and its Ping rate should be less than 50ms and i have near 200ms so that is the latency cause. so working on that for a solution