Zwift App Freezing

Hi, I’ve been using Zwift for a while now and am loving it. Until recently, when every ride I do it is freezing mid-ride and no matter what I do, nothing resolves it. It’s not the bluetooth connection as that is still there (I have had that drop previously), but with this absolutely everything freezes, the countdown timer and the watts stop, as though I am sat on my bike doing nothing. Meanwhile my meme sits there moving their head and other cyclists cycle on by but I am stuck there on the side of the road unable to move. Anyone else experienced this? It is getting increasingly frustrating as I have now been unable to fully complete any ride this week.

Hi @Kim_Goss

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Sound like your trainer is having connection issues.

How do you connect your trainer to the game.

What systems are you using.

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Hi Gerrie, I’ve had it drop out the bluetooth connection before so it stops showing any effort whatsoever, but this shows it as a zero (the Watts) and just sits there. I’m using the app on an iPad connected to a TACX smart trainer via bluetooth.

I’m following a training plan and when it dropped the bluetooth connection previously the timer would continue, but with this the timer also stops.