Zwift Companion App freezing and losing connection and losing remaining records

Hi all,

This happened tonight for the second time since the app (android) update. I am using a new Samsung Galaxy S8. Windows 10 laptop.

What happens is the app will stop fully functioning. What I mean is that the map stops tracking me and I can’t use powerups etc. However I can switch to the message screens and the dashboard etc. The wattage number stays stuck and my little triangle on the map just spins.

On the laptop there is no trouble. I completed the ride/event and get a ranking just fine.

If I exit the app and restart, the app cannot find me anymore and does not know I am “in the game”. I need to shut down Zwift (on laptop) and force restart it because it hangs/crashes and I need to terminate the program in Task Manager. But when I do this, Zwift still thinks I am out riding and my activity is still going…

In tonight’s Tour de Oz Stage 3, the app did this at 24km. I completed the event til the end (32km). It was saying I was still riding until I force restarted both app and Windows software. Good news is a FIT file was created to reflect correct data for manual upload to Garmin and Strava … but Zwift will probably forever show 24km.

Issues :

  • Restart of app does nothing, cannot resume showing my current riding.
  • Restart of app shows me in Activity feed as “still riding” until I exit Windows software and Android app.
  • Premature end of ride according to Zwift. E.g. Rode 32km but Zwift “activities” says 24km.
  • No auto upload to Strava or Garmin due to Windows software having to be force shutdown
  • New FIT file appears in my Zwift/Activities folder called “” with a similar timestamp as the actual correct FIT file

So, the Windows software works fine. No internet connection is lost. And my phone and the Android app has no connection loss either because I can look at the dashboard, and message screen etc. It is just failing on the “game” screen and game data.

Generally, internet connection loss doesn’t cause crashes. It can make other riders in the game disappear or the leader boards glitch out a bit, but I wouldn’t suspect your internet connection as a cause.

To research this a bit for you, I’ll need to create an email support ticket so I can ask for a few attachments. Please check your inbox for us.