Issue after App restart during activity because of network-failure

Today I had to restart the Zwift-App during a ride, because the app lost the network-connection. There was no possibility to reconnect than restarting the app. After that, I was able to continue at the same position (Zwift asked me to continue the ride, because of the not saved activity) but as I saved the ride at the end, I only got the ride-information from the journey befor restart. In the companion-app there are two activities with different numeral duration, elevation and distance, but same map (where I rode and same progress view)
Also in strava I only saw the ride before restart. A manual upload with .fit file of the second activity is also not working - Strava told me, that this activity already exists.
As you will see at the screenshot, I did the “rode to sky” but the graph will only show till the position were I had to restart

Hi @Roman_Holl,

I’m Steven with Zwift’s technical support team, and I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had some trouble with your ride not properly saving following the connection error, and after restarting the app.

Also, since this is your first time posting on the Zwift Forums, I’d like to welcome you to the community!

As I understand it, this has been known to sometimes happen when there’s a connection (e.g. WiFi or internet) problem or if there’s an app crash. You can read more about this type of issue in this article.

As for Strava indicating that it’s a duplicate activity, that may be the case. You might need to delete that activity from Strava, and then locate your Zwift .fit files, which is explained in more detail in this article.

If you have multiple different .fit files for that same activity (which can happen because you had to close and restart the app), then you may be able to merge the .fit files using a third-party tool like

Once you’ve merged the .fit files, you can try to manually upload it to Strava again, and presumably the .fit file should be the combination of both activities (e.g. both before and after you restarted the Zwift app).

I hope that helps!

Ride On.

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