Android App issues

(Tony Butler) #1

Hi Guys, Loving the Zwift concept and delivery model, but having a few issues with the Android app. I ride the trainer, my friends can see me, but when I look at the App on my SGS4 I am unable to see myself as a rider and have none of the advertised features available. All I see is a list of other riders on the track. HAve I stuffed something up or am I simple ?


(David Dreher (545 Velo) KISS (B)) #2

Did you try swiping the screen to the side? I had the same issue, but swiping the screen took me to my data and then actions I could take (waiving, etc.).

(Jason K) #3

Also, make sure that your mobile device is on the same network connection as your computer in order to get full functionality from the Mobile Link app.