Rider no longer moving? No km added

 Hi folks,

first of all: thanks for all the work and effort you put into the Android version, that’s really great and I appreciate that a lot.

But: I could pair my Samsung S7+ yesterday and all worked out perfectly well. When I went for my ride today, Zwift did pair with my Cycleops hammer but the rider did not move. It showed RPM and watt but not a single km was added?

Also strange: I was in a just ride mode, but when I got to the screen finally, I was following another rider. This has not happened before. It’s not a big thing as I could get back to my rider easily but probably it has something to do with the fact that my system doesn’t work properly?

I’d really appreciate any kind of help!
Thanks in advance,


Is Zwift still not showing your avatar move in game with your Cycleops Hammer? We’ve been getting some Cycleops Hammer inquiries so I want to see if there is some kind of connection between cases. Are you pairing with ANT + or BLE?