How can I track improvements over time of my entire team

Hi, I’m currently part of a cycle group with about 80 members and there are 25 of us that have been racing on Zwift since October 2020 and are completely hooked!

We can see individually how many of us have improved things like our FTP, 20 minute power, 5 minute power etc.

Anecdotally it feels like we’ve improved 5% to 20%+ in some cases.

Is there a way to graph this improvement, either individually, or for all 25 of us? I think it would be great to show the other 55 members the “real data” improvements to our FTP and power numbers, and convince more of them to join in the Zwift racing. I guess its somehow being able to select the entire team and all their past events on Zwift power, then be able to say “show me the improvement of 20 minute power over time, for example”.

I think this would also be good to see where individual members are plateauing, and could work on certain trainings to improve - for example at 20 minute power for TTTs, or 15 second power for sprint finishes, etc.

Thanks for any help in working out how I can do this!