Zwift Power updating for 99% of riders but still blank data for a handful?!

Hi all,

First post here so apologies if this topic has already been covered - data from my ride on Saturday is still not pulling into Zwift Power even though the majority of data for the other riders populated soon after the race.

Any ideas why this is the case? I have used the “request a faster update” button several times but had no luck.


Race/ride: (Saturday morning @ 09.30) Ascenders Team Weekend Challenge

Have a read of this and maybe keep an eye on for developments:

Also suggest you drop them an email with details (include event ID and your ZP profile link/ID). I suspect when they fix it, they may have to reset each race, hence getting your request / event in the queue. But until they fix it, who knows.


Thanks Dean - looks like it is impacting lots of riders… I will send them an email and keep an eye out on the other discussion.


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