Zwift Issue with 15s, 1m, 5m, 20m Power

Recently raced the Zwift Haute stage 2 and unfortunately it’s missing power data. There was a 30 second period where I lost internet but other than this everything seemed normal. While searching for a resolve to this problem there seemed to be countless threads on the old forums of mods doing some sort of reset to fix this. Are you able to do this with my file/race and if not is there any other option? All files are set to public.

Usually wouldn’t be an issue but I set a bunch of PR’s :roll_eyes:

Event: /events.php?zid=1789210
Profile: /profile.php?z=1469972

Thanks in advance

Send a request to (Zwift have asked all request to be made direct to them, not listed here when they archived the old forums). But I would suggest you wait until your event is processed - no results are using fit files at this stage so your data may change.

Done, thanks for your help.

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