Best 3 average

Hi. My zwift power average never seems to change I believe this is where you would be upgraded should you be putting in the effort. I recently have put in a ride or 2 above my average but they haven’t changed on my profile. How do I go about getting this sorted.
Thanks in advance

Have you clicked on the Info button next to your average? That shows the best 3 lots of 95% of best 20 minute power that it’s using for the calculation.

It’s not the best 3 average powers in the last 90 days.

It’s looks at your best 20 minute power for the race, takes 95% of that, and then averages together the best 3 of those out of all your races in the last 90 days.

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Only events count!

Steve, where is the “info” button. I’ve looked at the the averages on Zwift in-game and also on ZwiftPower and there is no info button? Thanks.

On Zwiftpower, in your profile, to the right of where it shows your minimum category.