Rankings - Team


You probably already thought a lot on « team ranking » under Zwift power.
I already joined some teams under Zwift, an today I created and manage my owne one.
I capture a great feedback from riders when we perform “Team events” like

  • Zwift racing league
  • Flamme rouge racing

This provide motivations and global objectifs for all riders.

Under Zwift power, we are also checking Team ranking, unfortunately today only 3 ridiers are take into account. On the two previous events listed, team score is take on 6 riders.
To get more investments all the year under the team, I would like to know if you can change under Zwift power the way to make team classifications ?
Zwift power is used by all competitors, and we love challenges !
By having more riders take into account for team ranking this will be more representative on a team level.
(10 riders will be a good idea)

Ride on.
Happy new year to the team